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Game Update 7.1 Patch Notes

 Shadowcircle   02 Aug 2022
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Game Update 7.1 Patch Notes


Story Update - Digging Deeper - Uncover a glimpse of Darth Malgus’s mysterious plans. In this new update, players will learn more about Malgus’s fascination with Darth Nul, as well as the fate of Sa’har Kateen, the Jedi Padawan he dueled in the ancient ruins of Elom.

R-4 Anomaly Operation - Team up with your friends and take on members of an obscure Sith cult set on harvesting technology from an ancient weapon of terrifying power. Power yourself up all the way to Item Rating 340!

Manaan Daily Area - Explore the depths of Manaan in our new Daily Area! Expand your faction’s influence with all new story and daily quests, new achievements, and a new reputation track, including new rewards and titles.

Class balance - Several changes have been made for a better balance across all the Combat Styles.

New tacticals - Four new Tactical items are available at the Supplies vendor on the Republic and Imperial Fleets.

User Interface enhancements - To improve player experience, we’ve made changes to the Character Window, Weapons in Outfitter, and combat style icons, as well as added customization options to chat and subtitles.

Power Increase - New Item Ratings of gear have been added to Upgrade Vendors on the Fleet. Increase your power up to Item Rating 330 by completing Conquests, Flashpoints, and Legacy Operations.

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife - The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event is back! Beginning with the launch of 7.1 through September 13th (12:00 PM UTC), test your luck at one of our casinos and earn the new High Roller Weapons!

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